The term Gemmotherapy refers to a recognized and clinically established plant based medicine that serves as a detoxifying protocol for the body. The Gemmotherapy extracts used are prepared each spring from the first buds and shoots of the season. The precise methodology for producing these extracts is outlined and regulated by the European Union.

This youngest form of botanical medicine has a healing capability that far exceeds all current plant based therapies. It is the only medicine that can simultaneously cleanse and provide nutrition to cellular tissue. Each Gemmotherapy extract is based on a single tree or shrub and addresses individual organ systems. There are new Gemmotherapy extracts consistently being tested and developed. However, there are about 60 established individual products which are in regular use and production.

Gemmotherapy’s advantage over all classic herbal therapies is due to the inclusion of meristem tissue that lies within each bud or shoot that is macerated to form the extract. These meristem tissues contain tremendous regenerative capabilities, much like human stem cells, and have infinite and indefinite self-replicating properties.

On a practical level, Gemmotherapy is an affordable treatment that is within financial reach of most households and the production methods of the extracts are sustainable. It is straightforward and simple to apply for self treatment in acute care situations as are the protocols suggested by practitioners for chronic care.

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