Yoga & Meditation for Addictive Behaviors

Welcome to the 6 week program “Yoga & Meditation for Addictive Behaviors”

This 6 week program is based in the teachings of SuperHealth. Each session includes a short warm up, deep relaxation , meditation and dietary guidelines.

The common denominator of addictive behavior patterns is PAIN  ( emotional, physical or mental) . All addictive behaviors are destructive coping mechanisms that need to be examined closely and replaced with healthier life choices.

Be gentle with yourself while you embark in this healing journey by taking time to rest, drink plenty of water and most importantly be proud of yourself for taking the first steps on healing yourself

Private 6 weeks 1.5 hrs. sessions program  $ 350.00

(Includes a 45 minute intake session )

Parent/Child 6 weeks 1.5 hrs. sessions program $ 500.00

(Includes a 45 minute intake session)


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