My Personal Journey

Hi, I am Veronica Paris, Integrative Mental Health Coach and mother of two amazing boys that have taught me more about life and love that I have ever expected to learn.

All started when my oldest son’s kindergarten teacher told us that if we didn’t do something our child will NEVER succeed in school. Her negativity sent me to a place of confusion and sadness, how someone who is supposed to be loving and caring for young children could say such things? Did she offer help or solutions? Absolutely NO, it was up to us to do something, but WHAT?!!! I didn’t know what to do or where to go. After a couple of years of looking for answers, we were lucky to find a doctor that was able to explain us what was going on with our child.

I almost forget to mention that it wasn’t easy to find him and that we had to pay a few thousand dollars to get the testing done, unfortunately it wasn’t cover by our insurance company.

So now, with some answer under my belt, the search for the best treatment started. Oh boy! The time, confusion , frustration was overwhelming!!

I worked for many years as a school social worker with kids from early education to middle school, so I though that just behavioral modifications will be the answer, not so much!

After several frustrating attempts to find solution using only one approach, I started looking for something else. I studied homeopathy and health coaching, learning to approach my son’s needs from a different perspective made all the difference. I took my experience as a social worker combine it with my experience as a homeopath, health coach and yoga teacher and created Holistic Dragonfly Child Coaching Program. (Holistic support for kids and family overcoming ADHD , Autism and learning Disabilities)

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