Holistic Dragonfly Child Coaching was named after world folklore traditions in which dragonflies embody the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. The Holistic Dragonfly Child coaching program is very personal to me due to my own experience in raising two children with ADHD.

I am able to assist my clients in finding solutions at home in the midst of crisis.  I facilitate a compassionate and judgement free environment for the parents of children  with learning disabilities.  Families and children with ADD/ADHD and Autism are negatively impacted by a culture that lacks understanding.  Too often they are confronted with a wall of societal rejection.  When modern medical treatment and therapies fail, the family is burdened with defeat when no solution is offered.  

With Holistic Dragonfly Child Coaching, I take a comprehensive approach and think outside the scope of conventional medical practices.  My holistic approach allows children to thrive and heal so that that are able to live at their best.  My goal is to help your family and certainly the parents lessen the load by offering a solution when close to giving up.  

Remember, no two children are alike, let us help you develop an approach that is authentic to your child’s individual abilities and challenges.  

Specialties:  yoga, nutritional consults, addictive behaviors, child grief, stress management and related sleep disturbance, families with special needs, bilingual (English, Spanish)

Anxiety management with instructions and material based on yoga, mindfulness and behavioral interventions to use at home, school and on the go.


Yoga and mindfulness for groups and individuals sessions of all ages, goal directed with goals set by participants and/or their parents.
Fun yoga program where children play at yoga with traditional yoga postures, imaginative games and relaxation techniques. Children laugh, learn, exercise, breathe, relax and work out excess energy all while building core strength, increasing flexibility, improving coordination and concentration during positive uplifting hour with friends.
Want to bring ChildPlay Yoga to your school? email me at for more information.

4 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hi Veronica

    I would like to attend your Cacao event at Judy’s on the 15th
    The link to pay is not working for me on my iPad
    Can you tell me how much it is, and also save me a spot and I can either pay you cash that night or if you can send me a link directly I can try to pay online that way
    Thank you, hope you have a great Sunday ,
    Lisa Choquette


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